I ran out of excuses. I'd dreamt of opening a store for over a decade and was finally out of reasons not to jump all in. The years of dreaming made the pieces fall into place rather quickly - and easily - because I knew exactly what this space should (& could) be. Finally, in October 2021, Pointed North became a reality.


After creating life & style content for a number of years under the same name, I wanted the shop to be an extension of my established brand. Pointed North, as a name, was drawn from a nod to my Northern European ancestry and my general desire for all things that are found in the north. My family, the weather, the landscapes, the design, the lifestyle, the history.


Rooted in simplicity, the clothes you find here will be uncomplicated, yet trendy. Quality, yet affordable. A significant amount of time is spent sourcing the perfect selection for the women who shop here. That means partnering with the best brands and carefully choosing each piece, knowing it will be in your closet for seasons to come.


Nothing in the working world has felt more natural to me than opening a clothing shop. One of the first jobs I had was helping dress women in gowns at my small town bridal & prom store. From there I would go home and read Teen Vogue from cover to cover and spend hours picking out a new outfit combination for school the next day. Clothes have always spoken to me. The way they feel, the way they fall on the body, the glamour, the functionality, all of it. I've been an artist in some way my entire life, and I've come to realize this is my chosen form.

When I'm not concentrated on running Pointed North, I'm a mama to an spunky little boy (Emmett) and wife to the one who makes me laugh (Tyler). I'm an enneagram 9 + Scorpio, which makes an interesting combination. I collect art, read a lot and always look forward to that first fall day that brings a crispness to the air.

Thank you so much for being here.