About B

This adventure has always been inevitable for me. My desire to help women find pieces they love began in my years working at a bridal store in my small hometown. I spent my free time after school steaming bridesmaid dresses, lacing up wedding gowns and staying up too late reading Teen Vogue cover to cover. 
It has always been clothes for me.
When I finally found the courage to open up shop, I knew exactly what I wanted to offer to women. Or better yet, what I didn't want to offer. 
Pointed North is inspired by Northern European simplicity and is rooted in trendy, quality products. Women should feel empowered to try something new without sacrificing comfort and I spend a significant amount of time finding superior brands to source from. All while keeping it affordable for you. 
I feel incredibly grateful that I wake up each day and get to work in this space. With clothes. Where I feel most natural. Thank you for being here, even if it's simply to browse. 
xoxo, Brittany
Brittany has been blogging and sharing her personal style at pointed-north.com since 2015. You can follow her personally on Instagram here. But make sure to also follow the shop for product updates and behind the scenes content!